Couples / Relationships Counselling

Couples counselling is a form of talking therapy that aims to improve communication and resolve issues between a couple in a welcoming, safe, non judgemental atmosphere.

Our couple counsellor offers help with a range of problems

  • Communication difficulties
  • Lack of trust
  • An affair or betrayal
  • Sexual issues
  • Family conflicts
  • Work related stress
  • Life changes

Many couples come after several years of difficulty, others hope to explore underlying problems before they become too severe.

What to expect

Usually one or two assessment sessions are offered to identify the main areas of difficulty. If it is agreed that couple counselling would be helpful, the counsellors is then likely to:

  • Reflect on the history of the relationship
  • Explore how the past is operating in the present,and likely to impact on the future
  • Identify how arguments begin and worsen
  • How external factors, such as family issues affect a couple
  • Negotiate and resolve conflicts where possible
  • Promote constructive communication

The aim is to enable couples to make sense of what is happening, and through that understanding to find their own ways of dealing with problems within their relationship. This may be through staying together or separating. The counsellor is there to facilitate couples in making their own decisions about the best way forward for them.

Day and evening appointments are offered, the latter are in great demand so there may be a wait for these.

The counsellor who offers this service:

Marian Brindle



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