Children and Young People

Counsellors at the Centre offer the following services:

  • Working with children and their parent(s)
  • Working with young people with their parents or with parental consultation
  • Working with young people independently of their parents

Therapy for younger children

‘Everyday language is not the natural language of feeling for children. Their natural language of feeling is that of image and metaphor as in stories and dreams’
Margot Sunderland

Childrens Therapy Dunton Centre

When a child is referred for therapy, a series of assessment sessions are arranged to enable the counsellor to establish a relationship with the child and to build a picture of what therapeutic work is needed.

The assessment may involve meeting the parent(s) on their own as well as with their child.

According to the age and need of the child, parental involvement in the therapy process is important. Wider family issues may need to be considered, in order to understand the impact on the child’s emotional development, parental responses to behaviours and needs, as well as supporting the process of change.

Therapeutic work with the child makes use of the medium of play and creative technique, and progress is regularly reviewed together with parent and child.

Therapy for Young People

'one of the inevitable struggles in adolescence is between a regressive pull back towards what is known, familiar and safe and a forward movement out into the world’ Frankel 

Adolescence is a stage of separation and autonomy, and counselling can offer vital independent emotional support for this process.

If a confidential relationship is desired by the young person, the counsellor will consider the young person’s age and whether they have the capacity to understand and make independent decisions (Gillick competency).

Alternatively, the work may focus on an improved communication and relationship with their parent in which case parental involvement may be preferable. 

Therapy Young People Dunton

Flexibility in approach for this age group is a primary consideration.

Counsellors are DBS checked and have safeguarding training.

Counsellors who offer this service

Nicola Kumaran

Joe Owers


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